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      Special paper cards (flash cards) for effective memorization of foreign words. These cards are an excellent additional tool for memorizing foreign words and phrases. You can just use ready-made cards. You can use them yourself, use for teaching groups of students, teaching in school. It's all free. You can also use these ready-made cards as great free content for a website.
      These cards are for those who want to get an advantage in school, to achieve better results. Here you will not have to repeat the same words many times. You will solve simple interesting logical problems with foreign words. It will not be boring.
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     All cards can be used for free, even if you spend paid classes. Development of new cards, methods and files for printing requires a lot of time. Itís quite simple to support the creators of the cards - place ready-made cards for downloading on your Internet resources, or a text file with links -
     The text file contains links to ten PDF files with ready-made cards. PDF format is convenient because the content of the document looks the same in any operating system and can be equally printed. Such cards you will not find in other archives and other developers of cards. The methods OFLAMERON used in these cards are protected by copyright law.
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     Program for emulating cards for learning foreign languages. Freeware. The dictionary file is a simple text file. You can add or change the words you need to learn.
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     Cards for memorizing foreign words
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